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1 Kenny Robert McCaughey Jr.
2, Alexis May McCaughey
3 Natalie Sue McCaughey
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5, is Nathan Roy McCaughey!
Brandon James McCaughey is lucky number 6!
Last, Little Baby Joel Steven McCaughy is # 7!
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Malcolm in the Middle

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

This is some factitoriums of me.

Below, is a picture of my boys (I wish), Justin Berfeild (as Reese) and Frankie Muniz IV (as Malcolm) and they are clearly on the phone. I love these guys so much.



Above, is me. I'm only twelve, so I can't really have any kids. They are my make belive babies, and I'm make believably 28...My older sister Amanda got me into this stuff, making up babies.


This is my sister Amanda. I bet you are all curious of how I got these pictures on here. Well, on my virgin moble flip phone, I took pictures, and sent them to my e-mail address. Then, I saved it, and put it on here.

Favorite Stuff

Justin Berfeild is a year younger than Frankie Muniz! OMG! Frankie is such a shortee! But he's my little Shortee!

Favorite TV Show:Malcolm In The Middle / Growing Up Gotti
Favorite Movie:The Longest Yard
Favorite Music: Rap
Favorite Book: Hanging Onto Max
Favorite Sports Team: LA Clippers (basketball)
Favorite Food: Chicken Alfrado
People I Most Admire: My sisters and all my friends, and my favorite actors

Favorite Quotes

Damn my computer sucks

Well, I couldn't fit my favorite  quotes here, so could you find the other page??!!!