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Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm In The Middle



Malcolm has a serious head injury, and is required hospitalazation.
Malcolm-Is it okay????
Francis-It looks.......fine......
Dewey-Put his face back on!
Reese-What's that white stuff? Is that a bone!?
Malcolm: I dont care, i'm not going to the hospital! There is no way... (reese showes him his cut)........get the car

Personally, I only remember one of these being said...

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Boys...They are so damn cute!

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(The boy Lisa is with is Thelonius, the reason why this is here is because Frankie provided the voice for him)

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This is Frankie Muniz (as if you don't know!) I think (know) he's a cutie! He's an adorable hottie!


Mlcolm is in the hospital (above) with what may be appendicitis. This is one of my favorites.

Malcolm-Mom, my stomach hurts                                                            

Rs-So does mine!                                                                                

Mlcolm-Shut up Rs. Mom...                                                                   

Rs-I See Spots! Mommy!