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My closest friends
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Last, Little Baby Joel Steven McCaughy is # 7!
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Me and some close friends


Ashley is on the far left, then Amanda, then Emily, then my ugly ass.


This is Timmy. He is one of my best friends, and I love him always. I miss him already, and it's only the third day of summer! His eyes are brown. Like I said, he's mt brownie.

Forget about this text.


This is my friend Corey. He's a good kid, and a little on the wierd side...He just wants to have fun! :)


Here, Corey is doing a flip! He's really talented unlike my fat ass.


Corey has many faces and this is his sad face! He's s0o0o0o cute!! And believe it or not his eyes are blue!


The one with red hair is John, or Johnny. And his eyes are blue too! This is a glary picture cuz it was really bright out when I took the picture, and he looks a little funny cuz the picture was inexpected, just like the one below.


This was taken in Music class. See, behind Johnny is our music teacher Charles. Yup, we call him Charles, Chuck, Chuckie, Charlie...anything beginning with CH that we can think of!

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