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This is Austin. He's my baby boy. He's my angel, my pride and joy. His full 'name (no last names) is Austin James. The picture next to Austin is John. John has no middle name, he is one of my nephews. I have a nephew named James John (After his daddy), but he has his own page called James Jr., go take a look!


This is the most recent photo of my baby boy. He's getting so big! He's two years old now, and He's just lovin getting into everything! See how much he changed? His hair color changed-but then again, it's only brown in winter, and blond the rest of the year. It was just after summer, and gettin' chilly!



This is my dog Cadillac. The reason his name is Cadillac is because Frankie Muniz has a dog named Cadillac, so I named my puppy Cadillac.


This is my youngest, newest, baby and his recent picture. I names him Francisco James, 1 because of Frankie Muniz, and for 2, because I like that name, and I wanted my boys to have the same middle name.


This is Abby as a baby. This is what I meant by not turning into a slut baby. She was ten months in this picture. God, she's already eight!


My Abby's most recent photo. She's eight. She's a beautiful young lady, with very talented singing skills. She's a straight A student, and has two little brothers who she loves and cares for very much.


This is my monkey. J/k. I really want a little monkey though. Besides my Monkey Man Tim, This is what I want my monkey to look like!

If anyone else in my family has a web site, I might include a link to it here.