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Courtney is my older sister, even though I am taller than her. She is sometimes really mean, and we fight alot. But deep down, I suspect she's a great person, and lots of times she is.



Jess is my brother's girlfriend. Together they have baby James. Jess and me are like sisters, except we don't fight at all.


James Sr.

This is my older brother James. He is a little bad at spelling, and math, but he is really smart with cars, and at his job, moving others. He's been taking care of James Jr., and Jess for the past two years. He is a very strong kid, and he's my favorite sibling.

Mom and Dad

My parents fight alot.


Kristal may have a big mouth, and she sort of runs it alot. But she's a really nice young lady, and spends too much time away from the house.


This is my other older sister Amanda. She get's on my nerves, and she use to be my favorite. Then she went to Kentucky, and now she's being a bitch, so I'm trying to ignore her emails.